The Workshop of How Can We Strengthen the ITU Women in STEM Entrepreneurship – 07.06.2018

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On the collective event of KAUM and GINOVA, the problems that women entrepreneurs face during the entrepreneurship process and solutions to those problems were discussed with the participation of 10 women entrepreneurs who graduated from architecture and engineering departments.

In the workshop, based on personal stories that women entrepreneurs shared, it was observed that the problems that are perceived as personal mostly applicable for all women entrepreneurs; and the common journal map was created. On the process of entrepreneurship, women declared the biggest motivators as family, university, business life and role model, and the biggest barriers as network limitations, the way women are perceived and socio-political environment.

At the end of the workshop, the recommendations in order to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in STEM fields were given: forming mentor-mentee bonds, entrepreneurship competitions for women, creating networks of investment, training camps for women on entrepreneurship and seminars aimed to decrease the lack of self-esteem.